Team Building

Our team building programme consists of 6 different modules, which we adapt according to the duration and focus of the event. To achieve optimal results and to address your main objectives most effectively we recommend a 6-hour-programme including a one-hour lunch break for a team of 6 to 15 participants. We are also happy to implement team building programmes with different group sizes or time frames.

Our Programme

Welcome & Introduction
A preview of the day’s agenda, introduction to your equipment and ice-breakers. To ease you into the day, we’ll kick things off with an easy and fun activity.

Next, you’ll take your first vertical steps. Work your way up together with your colleagues. As a team, you’ll solve tasks and navigate challenges. Experienced instructors will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Recognise Potential
You have successfully completed the first part. Together with our instructors, you will evaluate what you have achieved so far. What worked well? How can the collaboration between team members be further improved? Was communication direct and clear? Where is there potential for even greater efficiency? Tasks aimed at analyising performance enable the team’s strengths and areas for improvement to be identified.

Raise your Team Game
You and your colleagues will now tackle the next challenges. The activities become more demanding and are now tailored to your team’s potential and personal resources. See how your team grows together and collaborates to reach their goal.

Rise to the Top – Together
You have made it to the top – improved communication, perfect collaboration, an underlying team spirit and your combined creativity have enabled you to reach your goal.

Moving Forward as a Team
Now it’s time to reflect upon the day. What has changed? Where do you see the greatest improvements? How can you transfer the group dynamics you experienced today to your everyday working life? Our instructors will review the tasks accomplished and support you in the practical implementation of the skills you have learned.