Climbing Instructor Qualification, Further Training and Workshops

Every year we train climbing instructors at Magic Mountain together with the KleVer (Kletterhallenverband e.V.) climbing gym association. If you are interested in working as a climbing instructor, then get certified as a “Climbing Instructor for Artificial Indoor Climbing Facilities”. We also offer further training courses (FB) and workshops for already qualified climbing instructors on the topics of the legal parameters of climbing courses, the supervision of (children’s) groups, climbing training and more.

KleVer Climbing supervisor and Instructor courses

The course to become a KleVer climbing supervisor (KKB) involves 2 days of training in the supervision of beginners without teaching them how to belay. Successful completion of the KKB course is a pre-requisite for being accepted onto the KleVer Climbing Instructor Course (KKT). The course to become a KleVer Climbing Instructor consists of 5 days of training including the following content: legal principles, communication, methodology and didactics, climbing equipment, evaluated practical sessions. The qualification enables participants to carry out courses including belaying and safety methods in artificial climbing facilities. You can find further requirements for the participation in either of these courses here. To sign up, please go to www.dkhv.de.

Please note that all courses are taught in German.