Corporate Activities

An Unforgettable Shared Experience to Literally Raise your Game as a Team.

Whether it’s a company outing, team event, Christmas party, summer fête, or a team building session – we offer tailored programmes at our unique location. Rise to the challenge and take your team to new heights!

Searching for a challenge for your team? Keen to promote collaboration? And have plenty of fun along the way? An intense endurance session or, if you prefer, solution-oriented teamwork? Whatever the focus – we can cater to your needs at our climbing gym.

Climbing is ideal for promoting bodily awareness and self-esteem. It also enables you to develop trust in your teammates as well as break new ground and gain new perspectives. The sport offers an all-round challenge: physically, mentally, socially, emotionally.

For our guests, it’s often the first time any of them has climbed. So it’s less about high-level sporting achievements and more about trying something new and venturing into the unknown together with your team. Each member of the team determines their own limits and expands their comfort zone at their own pace.

Programme Overview

Team Climbing 2 hrs
Team Experience3 hrs
Team Contest3.5 hrs
Team Building6 hrs
Employee Sports & Location flexible

Main Infos

Duration: 2 to 6 hours
No. of participants: 6 to 300
Dates: as per request; capacity permitting
Weather: Events can be hosted indoors and outdoors, enabling them to take place whatever the weather.

Catering and Drinks

After your climbing session, you’ve earned a treat! Be it drinks, finger food or a full menu, we are also happy to organise catering for your event.

From 20 people and upon individual request.

Team climbing

A Joint Peak Performance

Climb to your heart’s content – rise to the top together with your colleagues. Belay each other under the supervision of an experienced climbing instructor. That’s not just fun, but also a great way to cultivate trust and team spirit.

Climbing in teams of 3 supervised by an instructor. 6 people and more.

Team Experience

Even More Climbing Fun!

Together with your team you will have to master three challenges. Success hinges upon mutual trust, good communication and diligence. Our experienced instructors will be on hand to support you.

Climbing in teams of 3; various activities on the climbing walls depending on the duration of the event. 6 people and more.

Team Contest

Stronger Together!

Our team contest will challenge your skills in collaboration and creativity. Together, you will set about solving tasks and overcoming obstacles. Effective communication, tactics and teamwork will enable you to successfully achieve your goal.

Solve a range of tasks at lofty heights and on the ground. 9 participants and more. You want to let several teams compete against each other? That is also possible. Several small teams compete against each other and solve a variety of tasks. 18 participants and more.

Team Building

Why are some Teams more Successful than others?

In a well-functioning team, overall achievement is more important than the sum of individual performance. Everyone contributes their strengths to the resulting success and is a key part of the group. This requires trust, effective communication, goal-oriented action, collaboration, inclusiveness and cohesion. With the help of various exercises and our experienced instructors, soft skills can be addressed and expanded together.

employee sports

A Full-Body Workout

Day-to-day working life often entails long periods of sitting at a desk. Employees are also often subjected to one-sided physical strain in the workplace. There comes a point when the body responds with tension or pain. Climbing is a great way to alleviate or prevent physical ailments, as it engages your whole body. And the best part is: you do so while having fun! Experienced instructors will support you while you take your first steps up the wall and correct your movement patterns. For some much-earned respite after your workout, you can end the session with a visit to our sauna and steam room.


A Special Place to Rise High

You want to stage an unforgettable event that people will continue to rave about? For that you, of course, need just the right location. How about entertaining your guests amidst our towering climbing walls or at lofty heights? Whether it’s for a film shoot, conference or a workshop – we will happily support you in crafting an extraordinary experience. We can also organise catering and drinks according to your specific request.