About Us

Our climbing gym is a stone’s throw away from Berlin’s Gesundbrunnen station and first opened its doors in 2002. Spread over 2200 m2, Magic Mountain houses a diverse range of around 300 top rope and lead routes up to 15m in height. Climbing brings us together with people from all walks of life. What unites us all is our shared passion for physical activity in the great outdoors. That is one of the reasons why we are so committed to sustainability at Magic Mountain, and eagerly promote positive ecological and social impact. For a green planet and for generations to come.

In practice that means: In our café: organic produce, if possible regionally produced and vegetarian/vegan – Equipment: from select retailers who mostly produce in Europe and under fair conditions – Energy: green electricity and gas provided by Polarstern – Cleaning: ecologically sound cleaning materials from soap to cleaning agents – Air & Water: Our filtration system removes chalk from the air and a greywater irrigation system provides water for flushing toilets – Social Responsibility: Fair payment of our employees. (Volunteer) community initiatives in the form of welcome climbing sessions, projects targeting the local community, climbing clubs.



To strengthen our team, we are regularly on the lookout for new members of staff who are not just keen to make their mark on our team, but also share our passion for climbing. (German language skills required)

Interested? Then send us an email and we will contact you when we have an opening. We will then request a full application including a letter of motivation (one A4 page) and your CV (incl. a photo) as a single PDF in German. In your application, please indicate how many days and hours you would be available to work per week.


The outdoor outfitter Globetrotter places a strong emphasis on sustainability, which particularly resonates with us. In addition to supporting environmental and social impact projects, the company is increasingly focusing on ecological brands. In addition, Globetrotter offers a recycling service and repair options for outdoor equipment.

The occupational therapy practice located at Magic Mountain. Movement, coordination, concentration and strength – skills that climbing promotes. On top of that, climbing is also fun and is therefore ideally suited for therapeutic support.

Our partners at JUMP House Berlin are just as enthusiastic about exercise and movement as we are. That is why we decided to enter into a partnership from which you can also benefit. Two different opportunities to get active spell twice as much fun. Check out our joint activities scheduled throughout the year.

Your team needs a helping hand? Then we recommend our partner Hardy Scholtyssek from PLUS.EFFEKT®. Hardy is happy to support you and enable you and your team to create a new dynamic. You can book coaching session with Hardy in combination with a team event at Magic Mountain or individually.

Polarstern is our partner when it comes to green energy. For, sustainable corporate management also means using natural resources and protecting the environment. With Polarstern we have a company by our side that stands for these values.

KLEVER e.V. is a climbing gym association that represents the interests of over 53 climbing and bouldering centres.